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The Hog Farm of New York, Unauthorized Motorcycle Specialists Est 1969, Won the rights to "The Hog Farm" name and trading area. They are now the senior user throughout the USA over the H-D Motor Company, (Harley-Davidson Lost!)

The Hog Farm proved Hog is generic - Not all Hogs are Harleys.

The Hog Farm proved Hog was only Independent & Aftermarket NOT Genuine.

The Hog Farm proved The H-D Motor Company never used Hog (H-D had NO document proof) not till the mid 80's.

The Hog Farm attorney's Mr. Pete Sommer, and Mr. Joe Delvecchio of (Phillip, Lythe, Hitchcock, Blaine & Huber) disagree on some of the Honorable Judge Maxwell's decisions.

Judge Maxwell was not a trademark attorney, so The Hog Farm attorney's have to clarify the facts, they have respectfully asked the court to amend it's finding of facts, to make additional findings of facts, and to amend the court order of March 20, l997, Final argument June 16, l997. No change. The hog Farm will continue and finish this fight with an appeal till all facts are proven against the H-D Motor Company. THE HOG FARM, APPEALED OCTOBER 30TH, 1997

The Trademark Law is:
* You cannot transform a generic term(such as hog) into a subject for trademark. No matter how much money and effort the user of a generic term has poured into promoting the sale of its merchandise and what success it has achieved in securing public identification, it cannot deprive competing manufacturers of the product of the right to call an article by its name. The Hog Farm cannot be by trademark laws denied the use of the word Hog - Hog Trivia - Hog Wash - Hog Holiday. This is clear reversible error.
* Statement by The Hog Farms attorney, Mr. Sommer: A backlash reaction to Harley's attempt to appropriate a biker term, particularly, after Harley had sought to disassociate itself from the biker element, is hardly a predatory intent. Harley belatedly realized that it could make money by selling motorcycles to those "Weekend Warriors" clamoring for a part time devil-may-care biker image. Harley stole the biker's vocabulary and then tried to prevent them from using their own language. It literally tried to take the words from their mouths.
* The Hog Farm logo w/altered Bar & Shield cannot be by trademark law
denied the use of their Hog Farm logo. In so doing the court clearly violated the "Anti Dissection" Rule. Conflicting composite marks are to be compared by looking at them as a whole rather than breaking the marks up into their components parts for comparison. This is the anti-dissection rule. The Hog Farm does not use any version of Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield logo by itself. The Hog Farm does not use any version of the Bar & Shield logo, other than in its Hog Farm logo.
* Plus if you snooze you lose. Also by trademark law if you knew of a mark within six years and did nothing about it, and corporate H-D knew of The Hog Farm logo. Longer than six years. Harley-Davidson is barred by laches from complaining of The Hog Farm Logo.>br> * The H-D Motor went through the courts for justice, and fought for what was theirs in the first place, and WON!
* The H-D Motor Company admitted Harley was in the wrong.
* Admitted: H-D's distaste for the word hog. * Admitted: The Hog Farm was right, and H-D was wrong.
* The H-D Motor Company admitted The Hog Farm had Superior Rights. The Hog Farm has asked the court to have their attorney fee's paid by the Harley-Davidson Motor Co.. for this Injustice.

The H-D Motor Company lawsuit borders on Extortion as H-D tries to take advantage of the courts ignorance. Everyone would think such a large company such as Harley-Davidson who made their money from their supporters, would have brilliant lawyers, but brilliant does not matter when their fighting the people that live the lifestyle. Their lawyers have only got ten away this far with bully tactics playing with corporate H-D money, it certainly is not because of their knowledge of the Harley History of motorcycles. Corporate H-D has lied to the courts and stole from the bikers of America! Example: In the Spring/Summer Enthusiast the Harley- Davidson Motor Co. leads you to believe they had a full victory?????, but failed to mention The Hog Farm WON!!!, the Hog Farm name.

Don't Back Down!

The Hog Farm has gone the full distance, and it's not over till they say it's over. The Hog Farm lawyers are Good, Better than Good, they fight for what is Right, and their not satisfied yet! They got H-D right up against the wall and their going all the way, they have told the H-D Motor Co. to stop and desist using hog altogether! The Harley-Davidson Motor Co. has infringed upon The Hog Farm, Since 1969. They could lose everything!, and the way they have treated the Motorcyclists they just may.

FTF.. Help!, The Hog Farm give back the Hog Shops their Hog name!,

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