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25 Years of the Greatest Music
Savoy Brown * Humble Pie * Burnt River * Buster Brown, use to be Wild Kingdom & Rt. 66 * Stetson *New Rage * Peer Pressure * CPR * Laughing Bandit * R.D. Richie * Moon Light Drive *The Remedy * Heritage * Rhythm Kings * Tie Die Harvest * Ozone Rangers * Big Wheelie * Cleveland * Full Measure * British Boys Back Doors * Party Squad * Paul Poke * XLR8 * Frank Beach & the Duke St. Kings * Nickolas Paul & Crash Cadillac * Rattle Cage * Tribal Reign * The Wall * Black Jack * Cross Fire * Southern Cross * Kixx, now F.B.I. * Win, Lose or Draw * Whiskey Creek * BarKing Spiders * Hog Holiday All Star Band,Trolls, Release, Black Cats Blues * Willie & the Reinharts * Willie May * Rocking Rick & the Home Wreckers * Cruel Shoes * Billy McEwen & the Soul Invaders * Painted Pony, now JonyJames * Rapid Fire * Rock It * Stampede * Wonderland * R&B Revue * Rip & the Bandogs * Rod Nickson * Magic Red & the Voodoo Tribe * Green River * Junk Yard Dogs * Red Rhythm * Ball Breaker * Kid Kurry * Blue Edge * Harvey & the Hurricanes * Blues Hounds * Silver Extreme * Mick Hayes * Be Arthur * Mama kin * Metalwork’s * Night Moves * Blues Child, & forever Jay Hager our Sound man. Who did I miss?
In the words of Bob Seger, 25 Years, where they go…25 Years I don’t know, It was a awesome weekend, with a record breaking crowd. Every year people plan there holiday around Hog Laborday, and usually take off days after to recover. People love Hog Laborday Holiday, and we thank you for that! It’s just too much fun!. Everyone starts coming Wed. & Thurs to set up, because by Friday its time to party. Most campers set up like there are never going to leave, wouldn’t that be cool, others come and go all weekend, and Sundays lots came in on the 1 day pass. This year we had campers all the way toward the entrance, and some did shift up front. Plus we had people from all over the country…more than usual…Conn. Vermont, Seattle, Vegas, Tennessee, Ohio, Pa., Virginia, Canada, Our new Ms. Hog Holiday is Debbie Hurt, from Illinois, along on stage was some of our previous Ms. Holidays, Michele Monroe, Brant, NY- Alice Rohauer, Chktg. NY - Karen Hollfelder, Nia. Falls - Clare Taggart Summers, Nia. Falls, and still riding & Partying too.
The weekend was 4 days of madness, and we had More Fun Than Allowed By Law! We don’t have a whole lot of rules, but the rules we got, we do expect you to respect them. We want ya to have fun, but be safe. Respecting the Hogarosa, and each other kinda covers it all. When we all get under that Entertainment tent and party, and sing together it’s so awesome. I’m up at the gate most of the day working, but my whole weekend is getting under that Entertainment tent to party with you all, and be entertained by the most talented musicians, and that includes you Buster Brown, you guys are some sick fella’s, and we love it. Buster Brown was there Sunday….to celebrate our 25th Anniversary party, with Champagne out of a Panhead motor, Balloons, Elvis, thank you very much!, Silly String, Cow Bells, Lots of girls on stage, Blow up dolls, and so much more!!!!!They’re our Official Hog Holiday Band, from Chicago. It was also Hawaiian night, w/ hoola girls dancing on the Bar, and Buffalo A.B.,A.T.E. doing a fabulous job, serving drinks, and giving out party favors.
The Bike award was presented to, Tony S.O.G. for his Old skool Chopper flathead. Rodeo Champion for Sat. & Sun., was Jeremy Yetter, from Lawtons, NY. If you couldn’t make it you really missed a good time, and don’t tell me your getting to old! It was so good to see old friends, long hair, tattoos, and all thoughs shovelheads.
At the back of the tent with us, we Honored our Bros. & Sis. In the Wind, but Not Forgotten, gathered together for the long ride, Rt. 88 to Hog Heaven. The Wall, artist: Jim Hasties, Last Detail, Bflo. NY, and our Angle Hog: Mark Fleming, Chainsaw Sculpture, Boston, NY. We had a moment of silence Sunday, with Phil from Wanted by the FBI who sang the song he wrote for our friend Ross Bruno, which is now dedicated to all our Bros. & Sisters In the Wind. “Turn on your Engines” Our hearts go out to Joe Machnica, and family, I do know how hard it was for you, but you know Michele was right there by your sides at Hog Holiday.
Then we got a little crazy….Get your motors running, Drowned out! F.B.I. lost. If you weren’t under the tent you certainly could hear it. The Sunday one day pass is a fun day & night, but look what you all missed….. Friday started at 9:am with a line waiting at the gate. Welcome to Hog Laborday 25th Holiday! The enthusiasm was an instant high! The sun was shining, and everyone was smiling….that’s what were talking about. So why do we do this only once a year? Don’t forget the end of June is the Brother & Sisters Memorial Party, Party till there is no more tomorrow! This could be our 2nd Big party!………………Friday night we were entertained by……… The great Johnny Clyde “BLUE EDGE” Rough & Raspy is good, followed by a Midnight movie under the stars, by Rainman STMC
All weekend we had plenty of food, & a Chicken Barbecue Sun. by Tuffy…..and there was also plenty of good food being shared throughout the campsites too. Hot Showers & Clean Johnnies every Morning. The afternoon was the MC Rodeo, Swimming, Fishing, Boating, Shopping, what ever you want. Us guys working the gate have so much fun Welcoming you guys in…life can really be a blast! We got lots of pictures by John, and also Pappy…Pappy plans to do a story in Thunder Press, and we’re planning to put a slide show together of 25years. If anyone has any good pictures, send them over to The-Hog-Farm.com. or thehogfarm@hotmail.com Did you get to see the painting done by Kelly? She was painting the entrance on a saw blade. It was very nice. It was raffled Sunday night. Saturday was the BIG night for BOB SEGER tribute “NIGHT MOVES”! These guys are Midwest boys, and Bob is proud of them. I wanted to get Bob, but I got next best. If you closed your eyes you wouldn’t know any better. The tent was on Fire-in-Side…and packed, with everyone singing every word, especially “Turn the Page.” Night Moves told me, now they know how it feels to be a Rock Star…it was electrifying. During Break we had the Hog Calling, Long Distance, and Guys & Girls Tattoo contests. Lots of Ink…… Gift Cert. By: Stylin’Tattoo 3445 Harlem, Chktg. N .Y. Thank you, Dan. Then BLUES CHILD, I loved this band, they are so 60’s – 70’s…if you guys are as old as me, you’ll remember a band from Old lake Shore & the Shore line called Glass Moirajorey which I loved, and then when I heard these guys. Horns, keyboard, flute, JethroTull………….What a weekend, and we ………………..
Survived Hog Labor Day Holiday 2008
Grott & I want to Thank you all so much for your Encouragement & Appreciation, Gifts, Cards, and especially the Banners….but right back at you! This is what Grott & I do, and we enjoy it as much as you, and then some. You gotta have it in your whole heart & soul. To keep this Lifestyle alive, we need each other. Some people have gotten in this lifestyle, and it’s a one-way street, so Support the people that Support you! Hog Holiday is just one of the things we have fought for, and Won!…Always stick to your guns, if you are right. Wild Life! Forever
Ride Safe – Ride Free, Let your Brother or Sister that Rides by Your Side be a Good one.
Sincerely, Grott & Ruthie, what are we gonna do for the 40th….39 years The Hog Farm ‘69

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