The HOG BASICKIT,gives you an almost unlimited choice of what you want! The personal look that you have been looking for! Your Dream can be achieved with our pre-assembled BAS-KIT. For $6995 we start you off with a basic rigid rolling chassis, whitch includes tires, grips wiring, cables, lights, oil lines. All the basic necessities, or from there you can make upgrades that suit your dream. Then you can put your drive line in, or choose one of our drives lines, that start with a 88" REV TECH motor, and can be upgraded to a 124 S&S, with 6 speed trany, starting at $7100, making the link to a 200, 240, 250 or even a 280 rear tire.
You can add up add up some of our options that we have listed here to see how much your DREAM HOG BASICKIT will cost. We are the KINGS of KITS, because special orders don't upset us! Let us know what you want, everything is an option, and we will work up a price for you.
HOG BASICKIT offers an assembly service, including paint, starting at $3500 and the motorcycles are MSO as a manufacturded motorcycle not home made.. Here's where you get started building your Dream BASICKIT.

Our Standard, Custom and Deluxe Roller Kits come with-

Standard $6995
Polished billet foward controls
5 3/4 bates style headlight
Chrome triple trees
Oval mirror
Polished lower legs
Stock style grips
1 1/4"T Bars
72-82 handle bar controls
21" 60 spoke front wheel
16"x200 60 spoke rear wheel
Chrome rear sprocket
Steel braided brake lines
Custom polished 4 piston calipers
2" Drag pipes
SS side mount tail light
Solo seat
Custom $7995
Chrome billet forward controls
5 3/4 pointed headlight
Chrome billet triple trees
Ness style mirrors
Chrome OEM lower legs
Chrome end leather grips
Chrome billet calipers
21" 60 spoke billet hub front wheel
16" 60 spoke billet hub rear wheel
Chrome braided coated cables
DELUXE $9995
Billet chrome foward controls
5 3/4 pointed grooved headlight
Barrel and rubber grips
Chrome Duece style lower legs
Chrome hidden stem billet trees
Jay Brake chrome levers & switch housings
Billet custom front & rear wheel
Jay Brake chrome front 4 piston caliper
Jay Brake chrome rear 6 piston caliper
Billet side mount tail light
2 1/4 diameter exhaust


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This is our RS200 basic-kit. This model is a rigid with the standard accessories package, and a 200 rear tire $6995.
(drive line not included)
This SRC200 basic-kit is a rigid with the custom accessories package, and a 200 rear tire $7995.
This SSR250 has an 8" strech in the front legs and a 4" strech in the back bone, with a 42 degree rake, and 5 degree trees, Duece legs and a streched sporty tank.
Another concept! This one starts at $14,995,
complete going down the road $17,995
Maybe this will trip your trigger!

Standered Roller 200 Tire $ 6995 Standard Drive Line 88" Motor, 6 Speed, Primaries and clutches $ 7100
Swing-tail 200 Tire
Rigid 240 Tire
Swing-tail 240 tire
100" Rev Tech
107" S&S Motor
120" Ultma
124" S&S Motor
127" Ultma
6 Speed Rev Tech
Black Out Motor
Black out Trany
+$ 500
+$ 500
+$ 250
+$ 75

Our assembled motor cycles come with an MSO you take to your motor vehicle dept. and register. You do not apply for a home built title.

Standard assemble has a black powder coated frame and a 1 color candy paint.

Custom assemble has multi color paint with a 1 color matching powder coat frame. $4000

Deluxe assemble has multi color paint with matching frame, and in frame wireing. $4500

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